Sports Betting Strategy

Game strategy in bookmaker bets. Get familiar with the most important strategies and key decisions, which will allow you to increase your winnings with online bookmakers!

Game strategy in bookmaker bets

Bookmaking is not only comparison of odds value, creation of analysis, but also creation of a system which is currently called the game strategy. In this chapter of our site we will offer you the most popular systems and game strategies at bookmaker bets.

A bookmaker contra – what is it?

The simplest system which is used by both professionals and amateurs is a bookmaker contra. What is a bookmaker contra? We will make it clear on the example of football. When a team loses the ball in a positional attack, a so called counter attack can occur from the opponents’ side. A similar situation is in sports betting with the only difference that the bookmaker’s counter consists in insurance of part of our income or limitation of loss. When do we have to deal with a contra? You bet a coupon for several matches, virtually all matches come through, only one is left. The situation is well known in our lives. And here you feel that this time it can be not so successful – not a problem. Counter has the aim of avoiding such situations, guaranteeing full profit irrespective of the result of the last match. We use counter when we bet on an event opposite the one which we bet before, for example the coupon is closed with a match Arsenal – Wigan (we bet on Arsenal with 1.30), if we bet on counter then X2 for Wigan (Wigan won’t lose) with 2.25. To what extent should you play counter? An important peculiarity of a well-played counter is a respective selection of bet, which will give us a confident income despite the last match result. You should always counter up to the value of winning from the first coupon, to make it short we bet on counter as much as to win in the opposite coupon the same amount as we can win in the first coupon.

What does Middle consist in?

The following important definition is Middle, without which it is hard to imagine oneself a professional approach to sports betting. This gaming strategy is connected with mistaken, different estimates of a point line for a given match and in 90% of cases it concerns games with disciplines in which a great amount of goals is scored, for example volleyball and basketball. The definition “middle” comes from the English language and means “middle”. If we put it on bookmaker bets then middle is a game with a “middle”. What does such middle game consists in?

Let’s imagine a basketball match Boston – Chicago, one bookmaker sets the line at 185.5 points, the other 191.5. The odds are 1.90. Betting the same amount of money for both options we can lose minimum or win both coupons if the middle of the line occurs. We choose the option more than 185.5 (with 1.90) and less than 191.5 (with 1.90). If the sum of points makes 188 then we win both bets. This is only a theoretically simple example which has to make the game with middle clear. Concluding, we have to use Middle when each possibility of a given result gives us winning of one of the coupons and sometimes “additionally” some result (“middle”) will help us win more than one coupon. Middle consists in using of mistakes of bookmakers who estimate the line for the sum of points, games wrong. Middle gives us a perfect possibility to earn, since it limits the risk of loss and from the other side maximizes our income twice!

Surebet – not big but confident income

The only strategy guaranteeing income is Surebet. What is interesting the name “Surebet” itself was created combining the words “sure” and “bet” – a confident bet. What is Surebet? It is a comparison of bets and even bookmaker odds which give us a confident income irrespective of the match result. Surebet is created in the process of betting for two different options for the same match. Surebet’s value is usually estimated in percentage. There are many examples of creation of such bets. So as not to bore you we offer one of such examples with which the mechanism of action can be seen.

Valuebet – high odds, is it worth playing for them?

What is Valuebet? We know a group of people who claim that understanding the definition of the word Valuebet is key to success in bookmaker bets. Value means significance, worthiness. It is used when one of the bookmakers makes the odds higher in relation to an objective chance for the given team/player. Then we say that the bet has a Value, in other words it is profitable. Valuebet strategy is nothing else than a search of bookmakers’ mistakes while setting an offer. In order to find such Valuebets you should possess of huge knowledge. Mathematically Valuebet can be written down as a formula: b*k>1, where b is an event probability, and k – odds for the given event. Professional players often say that “it’s not important to play, important is that there is Valuebet”.