Source of betting tips

Portals offering paid sport forecasts and private forums are the largest and most effective tools for the players to fight against the bookmakers. This issue has a very slippery ground...

Undoubtedly online betting is experiencing a golden era. The growing popularity of this type of entertainment, as well as quite a good way to make money encourages more and more players, especially the beginners, inexperienced ones, to find an easy way to make money. They are surfing the Internet looking for reliable source of free forecast. Those who appreciate quality rather than quantity enter the phrase "paid sport forecast" into a search engine. Are these portals, which belong to the sports consulting industry, reliable partners? In this article you will find out how private forums operate. Welcome...

Paid betting portals are a very controversial issue. Everyone who has ever used the services of such portals knows how difficult it is to find an honest and reliable portal, which will guarantee a solid profit in the long-term perspective. Archives are enhanced on purpose (all wrong forecasts are removed) and often contain incorrect calculations, and the yield and other indicators reach unexpected limits. We will not point to the portals that specialize in such activities. The good news is that there are several reliable portals, moreover, some of them offer free forecasts and update their archives on a regular basis. We do not want to advertise any of them here, you only have to do a good search on the Internet, and the views of other users will point the way.

What you should look for when evaluating portal with paid forecasts:

  • Is this service registered as a real company?
  • How long has the web site been operating?
  • Is there a possibility of a trial period / warranty for the forecasts?
  • Is there a forecasts archive?
  • How many users are registered there?
  • Do the players have the opportunity to comment the forecasts?
  • How many people submit forecasts and how often do they do this?
  • What are the results of the portal?
In order to assess the quality and price of forecasts at paid portals there should be not less than 500 forecasts, because it allows you to see which markets are involved. Then you can do some search on the Internet, for example, if the odds drop after the forecasts are published on the portal, it means that it has great penetrating power (number of users) who bet on the proposed forecasts ...

Private forums are even a more complicated issue. What is a private forum? This is a forum which only a few chosen players have access to. This is a closed group, it looks like a closed psychiatric ward in the hospital, but in contrast to this one, it is difficult to get into here, however it is very easy to get the gate. Private forums are usually managed by very experienced players with years of experience who are respected and trusted by the majority of forum users. They are often called "red", since all the solutions depend on them. The person whose actions are harmful to the forum: information leak, access to the account by other users, or the sale of forecasts / access to the forum is punished through an expulsion (in 99.9% cases), in spite of the statistics. Here you must observe the rules and those who fail to do so will be excluded. As you can see the harsh discipline is the main principle of each private forum.

How does a private forum betting work?

The users are called "blues". They usually specialize in one sport discipline. From time to time new members join the forum to bring in some "new blood". The players who are betting on the little-known markets, such as Asian, Arabic, basketball, volleyball and football are especially valued. The users add forecasts, which can be used by other users, depending on the reputation of their author. The new users have little trust up to the moment they confirm their unusual skills.

Experts who do not reach results within a period of time stated in the statute have to leave the forum according to the decision made by the reds after some discussions with the blues. Usually if a player is at a disadvantage for 3-4 months in a row, then he or she gets the gate unless he or she had very good results before and now is having a hard time - a person is not a robot and can make mistakes. Expulsion of the user with excellent performance and experience and excellent reputation from the expert group is not an easy task, especially if he or she has the support among the public. We know the example of a player who sold his forecasts to paid betting portal, but was still a user of this forum, because the other players let him stay (he was a very valuable expert).

Each user has the so-called Ego, where he or she can list his/her strengths, disciplines, those who recommended him/her, and also view the statistics if they are truthful. Moreover, all private forum users have a monthly game report section so that others can leave an opinion on the Tipster. Besides, forecasts of all participants are calculated and monitored by the administrators, moreover they are stored and calculated as unity. It's all based on the motivation and is intended for some cases when one of the experts leaves and wants to take everything that belongs to him/her (personal portfolio) for a future employer (read the private forum). Bookmaker analysts (odds makers) can also join some private forums, but they have little trust, taking into account their abilities...