Main betting principles

Tips and principles. A safe game in sports betting, betting rules. Have you ever thought about what are the most important principles we should use when placing bets? We will describe them here...

Before we begin to list the betting principles, let us find out their definition, and then divide them into two groups. Betting principles are the tips designed especially for less experienced players, to make betting techniques more clear. They are created by professionals and experts in betting, based on substantial experience they can find mistakes analyzing their game. Bookmaker principles can be divided into two groups: 1) those that have an impact on our lives, 2) those that relate to the game itself.

1. Bookmaker principles connected with our life

  1. Separate the money you spend on game from the one you spend on life:
    This is one of the most important betting principles. Daily life and betting cannot be combined in any case. These are two completely different worlds, which sometimes overlap. Bookmaker betting should not have an impact on the budget and financial situation of your family. There are cases where players drew their families and children into debts.
  2. Do not deposit / bet money that you will be sorry about in case you lose
    Imagine you want to bet 20 thousand Dollars. Can you afford this? If so then no problem, if not then think which useful things you can buy for the money. Think about how much food you can buy or where you can go to relax. Then think about the potential loss for a few days, you can get depressed or want a revenge, this way you can get into debt...
  3. Game vs. entertainment, set a goal
    Do we play for fun or to earn the so-called "first million"? The answer is simple: betting this is just money, there is no room for fun, sentiments, drinking beer and watching television. The goal is clearly defined: a gradual increase of your capital. Unfortunately, otherwise, our game does not make sense...
  4. Your health should be the most important thing
    Here we describe some psychological factors. Not every player is prone to sports betting. Think about how you felt after the last defeat? Do you feel nervous after losing even a small amount? Is it worth playing again? Remember about your health which is more important than money...

2. Bookmaker principles related to the game

  1. Collect the largest possible capital you can?
    The larger the capital, the more simple game the game is. If you pay a small sum, you are exposed to the risk of loss. There is no definite margin, but we know that it is calculated in the thousands...
  2. Open an account only with reliable, reputable companies
    it is reasonable to have several accounts with several bookmakers. Then you have the opportunity to compare odds and choose the best of them, as well as place a counter bet. Before choosing a bookmaker read the reviews about them...
  3. Play with single bets, do not be afraid of high odds!
    Single bets provide the biggest chances to win from a mathematical point of view! Look for attractive odds, read about this below. It is better to bet on 2.50 rather than 1.25...
  4. You play against the bookmakers rather than a team!
    Remember, this is one of the most important rules. You do not play against a team or a player, you play against the bookmaker which has set wrong odds for this match.

Other important principles that will help you in the game:

  • Focus on 1-2 disciplines, which you are good at
  • Compare offers and odds of certain firms
  • Analyze your disposition, every can have a bad day
  • Think, think, and think again, beware!